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Florida Business Leader John Crossman to Launch Weekly Radio Show to Debut in January

ORLANDO -- Well-known influential business leader, real estate executive and author John Crossman, a frequent guest speaker on diversity in business and mental health, will launch his own weekly radio show January 22 across The Shepherd Network.

The Shepherd Radio is available on three stations, each part of the MARC Radio group. The newest station is 1270 AM – WIWA in Orlando. This station is a powerhouse – 25,000 watts daytime, which enables the radio station to cover the entire Central Florida area.

In the Ocala/Villages area, The Shepherd is heard on 103.5 FM and 720 AM, while Gainesville listeners can hear the broadcast on 96.3 FM or 1430 AM.

His new venture, The Crossman Conversation, targets young professionals and executives, college educated men and women age 25-55. The show will air for 30 minutes every Saturday at 1:05 pm when Crossman and a guest will tackle today’s tough topics and offer solutions.

Crossman, who has a long and accomplished history of problem-solving and assisting companies in dealing with difficult topics, is also passionate and relatable, with a natural ability to connect with an audience. He plans to feature experts on the show to provide tips, professional advice and personal experiences.

“I am about locating and collaborating with all kinds of people -- every culture, profession, rank, station in life, vocation or trade -- who can offer some insight and help our listeners,” said Crossman.

The goal of The Crossman Conversation is to find solutions for the tough problems and challenges being faced today by those who need a different perspective outside of his/her family or work circles. “We want to hear from young professionals embarking on a career, as well as business owners or CEOs who need advice on work-life balance or promoting a better work environment that may mitigate any systemic issues and move toward growth,” he explained.

Throughout his 25-year+ commercial real estate career Crossman developed a solid reputation as a highly ethical and entirely professional dealmaker with a desire to give back through philanthropy in education, especially real estate scholarships at HBCUs to open doors for minorities. Over the past two decades Crossman, his family and companies have endowed scholarships at more than a half-dozen universities.

At the same time Crossman became one of the most requested speakers at colleges and universities and his successful book aimed at millennials – Career Killers / Career Builders is based on his most popular speech. The sequel coming out is called If I were 21. He connects with audiences through powerful storytelling, vulnerability and transparency that allows the audience to see him as more approachable and a trustworthy advisor.

"I'm excited to embrace the power of radio to connect every week live with men and women seeking answers, and to help them find a solution," said Crossman. "This is an incredible privilege.”

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