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Hold-Thyssen Closes on Nine Office, Flex Leases within 30 Days At Edgewater and Kirkman Commerce Cen

WINTER PARK --- Hold-Thyssen, Inc., a full service commercial property firm based in Winter Park, closed on

Kirkman Commerce Center

nine multi-year leases – five at Kirkman Commerce Center and four at Edgewater Commerce Center within 30 days.

The Hold-Thyssen team of Alex Rowlinson and Troy Stevens represented the south Florida-based landlord /owner of both facilities.

Office and Flex space at Kirkman Commerce Center, 701 S. Kirkman Rd., was leased to

Sonic Transportation – the logistics company with HQ in Tampa leased 6,000 SF;

Let’s Beehive –the non-profit who educates people about HIV and AIDS - 1,084 SF;

American Premier Security & Sound for home and commercial systems - 2,400 SF;

Cold Wall, a local A/C and heating company leased 813 SF; and

Marcoh Realty, a local general real estate firm lease 626 SF.

Flex space 1,000 SF each leased at Edgewater Commerce Center, 6250 Edgewater Drive to

Edgewater Commerce Center

Evergreen Christmas Lighting, a full-service lighting company specializing in decorations;

AC’s Heating and Air, a local commercial and residential A/C service company;

Carney Electric, a local electrician who has been a long-term tenant at Edgewater, and

Clement’s Pest Control

Hold-Thyssen, Inc. provides commercial property brokerage and leasing and management services to institutional and private investor clients nationwide. The 40-year old firm’s current portfolio includes more that 100 commercial properties throughout the United States.

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