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EcoSystem Renewal LLC and CSRS Selected for Louisiana Coastal Restoration Bids

BATON ROUGE, LA. – The Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA) of the state of Louisiana has selected six companies to bid on environmental restoration projects in the Barataria Basin, and one of the six, CSRS-ECO Coastal, LLC, is a venture formed by CSRS and EcoSystem Renewal LLC , the Member Manager of the company.

The Barataria Basin is a critical and endangered stretch of cypress/tupelo swamp, chenier ridges, fresh marsh and a mixture of fresh and saltwater marsh located south and west of New Orleans. The sprawling basin suffers from a lack of fresh water, erosion and a range of ecosystem problems associated with development through the years.

EcoSystem Renewal LLC., based in Baton Rouge, is a leading pioneer in wetlands restoration work and is the managing member of CSRS-Eco Coastal LLC. CSRS, headquartered in Baton Rouge with offices across the gulf region, specializes in environmental resiliency planning and program management. The firm, CSRS-Eco Coastal LLC, was among six companies approved by the Louisiana CPRA this month (October) to submit proposals for restoration work in the Basin, which spans for more than 500,000 acres.

CPRA is the sole state entity with authority and funding to develop, implement and enforce a comprehensive plan to protect and secure Louisiana’s coast for future generations. The state of Louisiana has budgeted $5 billion for CPRA projects.

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