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Rhodes+Brito Architects Are Underway with Design of New Horizon West Elementary School

ORLANDO, Fla., --- Rhodes+Brito Architects recently presented Orange County government with preliminary designs for a new elementary school in the burgeoning Horizon West community in West Orlando.

Ruffin Rhodes

Ruffin Rhodes, co-founder and partner at Rhodes+Brito, said his firm was awarded the contract to design the new school that will be located on 14.8 acres of land on the South side of Porter Road, north of Wood Sage Drive and west of Bluejack Oak Drive.

Rhodes said the school, a two-story structure totaling 85,838 square feet, will be constructed by Miami-based OHL Construction.

The campus will include parking for over 120 vehicles, a bike rack, tot and youth lots, ball field and enough space for 12 portables.

The new school should start construction in the spring of next year with anticipated completion and opening by June of 2020.

Rhodes+Brito, which opened in Orlando in 1996, has exceptional experience providing architectural services to a wide variety of agencies throughout the state of Florida, including municipal government agencies, federal, education, aviation and senior living facilities.